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Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC has served Alexandria and surrounding areas since 1989, providing legal representation for people injured because of the negligence of others. Alexandria, Louisiana pedestrian accident Alexandria, Louisiana Pedestrian Accident Attorney has devoted his career to practicing personal injury law, including representing those involved in pedestrian accidents. A person can suffer life-changing injuries in a pedestrian accident. Hospital bills and other medical expenses can quickly add up to a significant amount. These sorts of cases demand an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Alexandria, LA. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you need an Alexandria pedestrian accident lawyer who understands your injuries and your legal rights.

Investigation of Your Pedestrian Accident

The Alexandria, Louisiana pedestrian accident lawyers at Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC understand that a timely investigation can greatly strengthen your injury claim. Unfortunately, when people are severely injured in pedestrian accidents, they find it difficult or impossible to obtain the information and evidence at the scene. When you contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney at Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC in Alexandria, Louisiana, our Alexandria Pedestrian Accidents Lawyers can start to work on your case immediately and obtain important evidence.

  • A copy of the police report, which will include the names and addresses of everyone involved in the accident. The police report may also include the investigating officer’s view on the causes of the accident as well as the names and addresses of witnesses.
  • Photographs of the accident scene. Photographs of the accident scene can illustrate important geographic features that could determine the fault of the parties involved, such as traffic lights, crosswalks, and stop or yield signs.
  • Interviews with witnesses. Witnesses may be able to testify about the driver’s operation of her vehicle or statements made by the parties before or after the accident. These witnesses should be contacted quickly to ensure they still remember details.

Obtaining Documents to Support Your Pedestrian Accident Claim

The Alexandria, Louisiana pedestrian accident attorneys at Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC understand personal injury law and what types of documents are needed to support your motor vehicle accident claim in Alexandria. Our auto accident attorneys will work with you to obtain and send documents to the driver’s insurance company detailing your damages.

  • Medical records. These records typically include a diagnosis of injury and a description of treatment. They may also include prescription records listing your medications taken as a result of the accident.
  • Employment records. If you have a claim for lost wages, we must obtain written proof from your employer detailing the time you missed from work.
  • Medical bills. Bills prove to an insurance company the exact amount of medical expenses you incurred because of your pedestrian accident.

Resolving Your Pedestrian Accident Claim

Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC helps its clients in Alexandria, Louisiana to fully understand how a settlement affects the clients’ legal rights. Each case is unique, but settlements typically include similar steps.

  • You agree with us on a settlement amount with the insurance company. This amount must take into account medical bills and litigation costs to be repaid.
  • Settlement documents must be executed. You will need to sign a release that prevents you from bringing the claim again. If your claim is in litigation, you may also need to sign a court document showing the court that your case is settled.
  • Your outstanding medical bills are paid out of the settlement and we accept our fees and costs. You receive a settlement check and focus on moving on with your life.

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As a former state legislator and a practicing attorney for almost 30 years, I have fought for the rights of victims of negligence, nursing home neglect and abuse, and small businesses against those powerful special interests such as insurance companies. I will continue to do so for you if you honor me by allowing me to represent you. Call Alexandria, Louisiana pedestrian car accident lawyer today at 1-318-487-9537 or contact us online.

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