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Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Based in Alexandria, Louisiana, Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC has provided legal representation for clients in the Alexandria area for over twenty years. The firm handles serious injury cases, including brain injury cases in Alexandria, LA, stemming from car accidents and other traumatic events. Trauma from a motor vehicle accident in Alexandria, LA, can cause the soft tissues of the brain to push against the unforgiving bone of the skull, potentially leading to bruising and even bleeding in the brain. It is important to understand that these injuries can occur even when a person’s head does not strike the windshield or other surfaces inside a vehicle. The impact itself may be sufficient to cause such an injury.

An Alexandria, LA personal injury victim suffering a serious head injury must find an experienced Alexandria attorney who focuses on personal injury law. When you hire Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC to represent you, you will get an aggressive catastrophic injury lawyer who understands how significantly even a mild brain injury can change a person’s life.

Possible Symptoms

  • Most Alexandria brain injuries are classified as mild. The injured person may not have lost consciousness at the accident scene and may not seek immediate medical care. Symptoms may include headache, confusion, dilated pupils, or a dazed feeling after the accident.
  • Delayed symptoms may include insomnia, memory problems, fatigue, mood swings, or greater sensitivity to noise or light. It is important to seek expert medical treatment if you are concerned about a potential brain injury even if you were not transported to the hospital from the accident scene.
  • Moderate and severe brain injuries can result in more obvious symptoms like amnesia, extended loss of consciousness, paralysis, numbness, slurred speech, seizures, or even a coma.

Proving Your Claim

  • Alexandria, LA Personal injury attorney Chris J. Roy, Jr. with Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC will obtain expert medical opinions from your treating physicians to prove your injury.
  • The treating doctors can testify about your diagnosis, the cause of the injury, necessary and reasonable treatment for your injury, and your chances for recovery.
  • We will obtain your medical bills and payroll records to prove your medical expenses and wage loss caused by your head injury. Your catastrophic injury attorney will send these documents to the responsible driver’s insurance company to allow the insurer to evaluate your claim.

Settling Your Head Injury Claim

  • As the client, you possess ultimate control over what personal injury settlement offer to accept. However, Chris J. Roy, Jr. will assist you in determining the value of your claim. Remember that part of the settlement amount may be needed to pay outstanding medical expenses.
  • The attorneys at Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC in Alexandria focus on serious personal injury law in Alexandria. We frequently negotiate with Louisiana insurance companies to get the money our clients deserve. We can explain all of the legal documents you will have to sign when your case settles.
  • If your case does not settle, we can take your case to court. Sometimes litigation is necessary if the insurance company is not willing to pay a fair amount for your head injury claim. Many cases are settled during the litigation process. Filing a lawsuit does not guarantee that a case will go to trial.

Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC has provided aggressive legal representation for clients in the Alexandria, Louisiana area for 27 years. Our attorneys take every case seriously but particularly understand how a brain injury can permanently change a person’s life. The symptoms can linger for years, resulting in piles of medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and many sleepless nights. Make sure that the insurance company does the right thing and pays you the money you are entitled to receive.

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As a former state legislator and a practicing attorney for almost 30 years, I have fought for the rights of victims of negligence, nursing home neglect and abuse, and small businesses against those powerful special interests such as insurance companies. I will continue to do so for you if you honor me by allowing me to represent you. Call me today at 1-318-487-9537 or contact us online.

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