“Dos” and “Don’ts” to Protect Yourself After a Serious Car Accident in Louisiana

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“Dos” and “Don’ts” to Protect Yourself After a Serious Car Accident in Louisiana

When you get injured in a severe car accident in Louisiana, you must be very careful to protect yourself. You may be facing a long, complex, and expensive road to recovery; if you aren’t careful, you could end up without the medical treatment you need or the financial compensation you deserve.

Protecting yourself after a serious car accident is all about making informed decisions. This means knowing the steps you need to take and the mistakes you need to avoid. With this in mind, here are 10 “Dos” and “Don’ts” for car accident victims in Louisiana:

DO: See a Doctor As Soon As Possible

Your health should be your priority if you have been involved in a severe car accident. This means that you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Concussions, soft tissue damage, bone fractures, and back injuries are common in serious car accidents, requiring prompt diagnosis and treatment to mitigate the risk of long-term effects.

When you see a doctor, tell your doctor that you suffered your injuries in a collision and let your doctor know that you are considering filing a claim. This will help ensure that your medical records reflect the cause of your injuries.

Don’t Ignore Pain or Other Symptoms

It would be best to ignore your pain or other symptoms in the days and weeks following your car accident. With many types of traumatic injuries, it is expected not to experience effects immediately. But, once you start to experience symptoms, this is a sign that you should return to your doctor for further diagnosis.

DO: Report Your Car Accident

Any time you are injured in a car accident in Louisiana, you should report the accident to the police and your insurance company. You must contact the police under Louisiana law, and you almost certainly need to get your insurance company under the terms of your policy.

When you report your car accident, stick strictly to the facts. Explain where and when the accident happened, and provide the other driver’s vehicle and insurance information (if you could obtain it). Don’t exaggerate or make assumptions; don’t state anything as fact if you aren’t sure it is true.

Don’t: Let the Insurance Companies Take Advantage of You

While you need to report the accident to your insurer, you must also ensure the insurance companies don’t take advantage of you. They will try to get you to admit fault (even if you weren’t at fault), and they will use a variety of other tactics to try to pay you as little as possible.

DO: Preserve As Much Information As Possible

After a severe car accident, trying to preserve as much information as possible is essential. If you could take cell phone photos or videos at the accident scene, do not delete any of them. If you have a copy of the police report, put it in a safe place.

You should also take a few minutes to write down everything you can remember. Even though you may never forget the accident, the details can start to fade quickly. By taking detailed notes, you can ensure you can share as much information as possible with your lawyer.

Don’t: Worry if You Don’t Have Photos or Can’t Remember What Happened

While it’s essential to preserve any information you have, you don’t need to worry if you didn’t have the chance to take photos or remember what happened. When you hire a lawyer to represent you, your lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation to gather all the information needed to prove your legal rights.

DO: Learn About What to Expect From Your Insurance Claim

Filing an auto insurance claim can be daunting. But, asserting your legal rights is essential, and you will need to recover the financial compensation you deserve to ensure that the accident’s long-term consequences are no greater than necessary.

Learning what you can expect can help you move forward. Our blog contains information for serious car accident victims and their families.

Don’t: Make Assumptions About How Much You Will (or Won’t) Recover

As we said in the introduction, informed decision-making is critical. When you have an auto insurance claim, you should not make any assumptions about how much you might (or might not) be able to recover. When you hire a lawyer to represent you, your lawyer will carefully calculate the value of your claim so that you can decide whether it makes sense to move forward.

DO: Talk to a Local Car Accident Lawyer

Investigating the accident and calculating your losses are two ways an experienced lawyer can help you after a severe car accident. It is firmly in your best interests to contact a lawyer as soon as possible, and you will want to get a local lawyer who knows the roads and can meet with you in person.

Many people find the prospect of hiring a lawyer daunting as well. But this doesn’t have to be the case. We provide free consultations for all car accident victims in Louisiana and work hard to ensure our clients feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

Don’t: Try to Handle Your Situation on Your Own

One of the biggest mistakes you can make after suffering injuries in a severe car accident is trying to handle your situation alone. This can be very risky, and it simply isn’t necessary. With contingency-fee representation, you pay nothing unless you win, and you can rely on your lawyer’s advice, knowing that they have your best interests in mind.

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