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Residents in Rapids Parish have frequently sought financial recompense from personal injury attorney Chris J. Roy, Jr. over the past 30 years for severe injuries brought on by carelessness in automobile accidents, medical malpractice, and nursing home neglect. Attorney Chris Roy Jr., a third-generation member of the Roy family, is aware of the possible effects that severe injuries could have on the victim and their family. Our personal injury law practice is committed to providing you with informed and useful legal counsel so that you can spend more time getting healthy and rebuilding your life.

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Your financial situation could seem bleak given the ongoing influx of medical expenses and the frequent visits from debt collectors. It need not be that way, though. Injury lawyer Chris J. Roy, Jr. can help you seek financial compensation for your suffering, medical costs, lost wages, and property damage so that you may stop worrying incessantly and once more start looking forward to the future. Your case won’t be resolved for pennies on the dollar since we don’t run television advertisements. To ensure that our clients’ lives are unaffected when the lawsuit is ended, we handle every case as if we were the client.

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