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An Organization tasked with caring for the elderly is a nursing home. However, abuse incidents involving these facilities are recorded every single day. You can be sure that your loved one will get the best treatment when you leave their care in the hands of a facility of this kind. It can be traumatic for both the victim and the victim’s family if this does not occur.

You should get in touch with Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC right soon if you believe a loved one of yours is a victim of Bunkie nursing facility abuse. They will guide you through every step, including letting you know to whom you should report the abuse and how to make sure your loved one is in a secure setting.

The fact remains that mistreatment in nursing homes can result in serious, even fatal, injuries. Sadly, a lot of these incidents go undetected. Nursing home residents are easy pickings for abusers, and if they do not have supportive family members to speak up for them, they can be forced to put up with this kind of treatment every day for the rest of their lives. Because of the cruelty and neglect they endure in Bunkie nursing homes, their lives are frequently even cut short.

Don’t let this senseless abuse continue. By speaking up for your loved one you do not know how many other lives you could be saving.

What is Nursing Home Abuse in Bunkie, LA?

Like any other form of neglect, nursing home abuse can take many different forms. The following are some of the most typical forms of abuse:

  • Emotional Violence
  • Abuse in Nursing Homes
  • Physical Neglect
  • Language Abuse
  • Abuse of money

Sadly, older people are more prone to experience maltreatment the more helpless they are. This happens frequently when a nursing home resident has dementia because the abuser fears that they won’t be able to appropriately report the abuse or that no one would believe them if they do.

Unfortunately, as was already indicated, police are rarely notified of these kinds of abuse incidents. There are several causes for this, some of them are as follows:

The scenario makes the resident feel humiliated.

The aging process is highly challenging for many people, and it can be challenging for them to disclose to their friends and family that they are now being targeted for abuse despite once being very independent.

They might not recognize the injustice of what is taking place.

The abuser’s relatives and friends may find it quite challenging to comprehend this. But when it happens more frequently over time, it just becomes the norm. Additionally, the person may occasionally be made to feel guilty for how they are being treated. Finally, as was already said, there are instances where a nursing home patient has dementia and is not fully conscious of their surroundings.

Even if your loved one is not reporting the abuse, it still might be taking place. It is crucial that you report any instances of nursing home abuse or neglect as soon as you become aware of them. From there, a thorough investigation can be conducted, and any wrongdoing can then be addressed appropriately.

Know the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Bunkie, LA – It Could Save a Life

There are many indications of nursing home abuse in Bunkie, therefore it’s crucial to realize that you should intervene right away if you see any of these circumstances. It’s critical to get knowledgeable about these abuse indicators:

  • Agitation
  • A bed sore
  • Blown-up bones
  • Bruises
  • The grievance of Unfair Treatment
  • Dehydration
  • Fear
  • A lot of crying
  • Brain Injury
  • Malnourishment
  • Overdosing on Medicine
  • Lack of Hygiene
  • Dirty bedding
  • Withdrawal

Why Choose Nursing Home Lawyer Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC in Bunkie, LA?

We are skilled nursing home attorneys that are completely familiar with the law. We are fully aware of what must be done to protect your loved one from abuse in a nursing home. Additionally, we are aware that your loved one has a right to compensation for the abuse they have experienced, and we can guarantee that your case is handled in a respectful manner so that your loved one receives all of the money to which they are entitled.

We are aware of the devastation this can cause to any family. Our nursing home abuse lawyers are available to assist. Tell us your tale during your free consultation by calling us right away.

Do I Need an Attorney for Nursing Home Negligence Claim in Bunkie, LA?

I have represented hundreds of families whose loved ones have suffered abuse or neglect in nursing homes in my capacity as a lawyer for nursing home negligence. These incidents vary from pressure ulcers, which are now known as bedsores, to recurrent uTIs, sepsis, incorrect drug administration, and open mistreatment of the patient. Repeated falls in which people are either dropped or fall and sustain serious injuries are also included.

You as the family member can frequently get in touch with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and lodge a complaint. The nursing home’s surveyors will look into this complaint and report their results. Any later litigation may make use of those conclusions.

Residents sometimes get skin breakdowns as a result of inadequate cleanliness, such as lying in feces or urine. These pressure sores have the potential to be fatal if they become infected. Repeated urinary tract infections share the same characteristics.

When selecting a nursing home, you should tour the facility and speak with other families of residents to see how many staff members are on duty, especially on weekends when accidents are more likely to happen. You can also check Medicare.gov to see how different nursing homes in our region are rated to see if they offer quality care or not. On a contingency fee basis, our Bunkie medical malpractice law office accepts these situations. The majority of them must be reported in accordance with the Medical Malpractice Act, a particular statute that applies to healthcare providers. These disputes incur costs because experts must be retained, and they can take years to resolve. Our business is unique in that we thoroughly examine every case and take all depositions to learn what really happened to your loved one. We comprehend the stress on a person’s emotions when a loved one is mistreated or neglected in a nursing home. Our nursing home attorney offers compassion for those clients and the tools necessary to help the abused people receive justice.

Contact Our, Louisiana Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

I have fought for the rights of victims of carelessness, nursing home neglect and abuse, and small businesses against those strong special interests like insurance companies as a former state senator and professional nursing home neglect attorney for for 30 years. If you respect me by appointing me as your representative, I will continue to do so for you. Call our nursing home lawyer right now, or send us an email.

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